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ANSELL® Hand Tools have a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating quality carbon steel tools.

If however you are looking for other metal tools, ones not listed or made in a different alloy please go to our bespoke tools page.

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Floor Board Lifter

Wrecking Bars

Grooved Plugging Chisel

Nicker and Pitchers

Scutch Chisels

Hand Grips

Protective Hand Guards

Slate Rippers

Brick Bolsters and Electricians Chisels

Centre Punches

Chrome Vanadium Chisels

Cross Cut Chisels

Cold Chisels

Dome Headed Brick Bolsters

Dome Headed Chisels and Points

Marquee Stakes and Pins

Tent Pins

Ground plates, Pins and Shackles

Fencing Pins

Road Form Stakes and Road Form Pins

Dowel Bars

All Steel Wood Chisels

Tile Removal Tool

Custom Ground Plates

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