Ground Plates

Horseshoe Plates.

The horseshoe plates are designed for tents / marquees where the poles are required to be at an angle.

These can be manufactured to accomodate different sized poles, different angles and different

stake requirements.



"T" Plates.

These plates are designed to spread the load, usually on one stake, between 4 stakes. This reduces the risk of the stakes being pulled out of the ground. These are manufactured to your requirements.



Multi angle tie down.

The Multi angle tie down is designed to allow multiple tie down straps to be anchored to the

same point.



Centre pole Tie down.

Available to accomodate all diameters of centre pole with different tie down eyes available.


Permanent "in ground" anchor.

Designed to be incorporated in carparks or other concrete / tarmac spaces where Marquees may

be erected for events but not left up permanently. Current uses include, Pit area (in a carpark)

for a Gokart track and shelters for beer festivals outside pubs. The main advantage of this

product is that when the groundplate is attached to the anchor point there is no need for additional

guide lines as this creates a solid anchor point. Can be mounted in pre laid carparks by drilling a

hole suitable for the anchor and using a strong bonding agent.

Custom designs and sizes.

Shown below are some of the stock parts which can be used to create ground plates to your

own personal specifications. We can manufacture each individual part to order so if you have any

particular designs please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.








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